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Walking in Air

For Folkestone Fringe and Profound Sound Festivals . Find out more here.


patternbook  are Frances Knight piano and accordion, Heledd Francis-Wright flutes, Nadia Tewfik-Bailey violin, and I. It is a new project in rehearsal at the moment and launching in January 2023. I am writing a set of open instrumentation pieces for us. The first of these, patternbook 1  is downloadable here.

You can hear us improvising together below.

patternbook free improvisation 30.10.22
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Learning to Live...again..

Commissioned by

A piece honouring and soothing the trauma experienced by military veterans experiencing PTSD. It features in Electric Medway here;

Learning to Live...again...

Learning to Live...again...

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I'm in the process of devising a guided free improvising practice which is influenced by David Leahy's music based Underscore. Hear David talking about this practice and see an extract of an Underscore performance I undertook here.

KIM Trio


Ayub and the Tobacco Factory commissioned by Bl!ndman Collectief and performed at Wintersound Festival. The piece accompanies and complements a silent video made in Iraq at The Tobacco Factory, Sulaymaniah in September 2022. Performances in Belgium and Holland in 2023.

Ayub and the Tobacco Factory silent video 

Performance extract; Wintersound Festival 2023

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