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Underscore improvisation in Victory Wood

I am in the process of devising a guided free improvising practice which is influenced by David Leahy's music based Underscore. You can hear David talking about this practice and see an extract of an Underscore performance I undertook here.

Collaborative improvisation

Trio CZW is Paul Cheneour, Maureen Wolloshin and Alistair Zaldua. Based in Canterbury, our main interest is in exploring collaborative processes and working methods related to improvisation. 

Trio CZW


A suite of improvisations inspired by sonic paintings, graphic notation, or titles created during the covid-19 lockdown in the UK. The performances evoke the isolation and stasis we experienced during this period, together with the energy and enjoyment of playing together in the beautiful surroundings of St. Mary of Charity Church in Faversham, Kent.

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